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Get your hands on some samples

Samples are the best way to choose the finish for your project. It's best not to rely on the colours on a screen, and there is nothing quite like holding the material in your hand to assess its tone and finish.

Sample packs

Need some help deciding on materials, or just simply want to get your hands on our products? Order a sample pack, its a great way to get a feel for the materials and finishes.


Our sample packs come in colours that we have in the workshop at the time of order. Unfortunately you can not order a specific colour.


If you want to try some other colours, then you can order them direct from the suppliers - Fenix, Formica and Forbo. You can order any colour that they carry, free of charge on their websites.




Samples + Finishes


Option 01 - All Samples

To see our full range of materials and finishes, order a pack of samples (7 pieces) at a discounted rate.

Option 02 - Individual Samples

If there are specific materials that you would like to see. You can order one or more samples from the selection below.

The following samples are currently available:

Wood/Natural finish

Birch Plywood (face and core)

Oak hardwood face on a Birch Plywood core

Walnut face on a Birch Plywood core

Cherry face Birch Plywood core


Formica face on a Birch Plywood core​

Formica face on a Black Fibreboard core



Linoleum face on a Birch Plywood core​​



Fenix face on a Birch Plywood core

All samples will be edged, sanded and finished with 2 coats of a hard wax-oil, just like the delivered product.

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