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Concept Kitchens

A gallery of kitchen concept designs from our studio 

Be inspired by some of our designs and ideas featuring a variety of materials and handle types.


A galley type kitchen, with dark luxurious matte finishes on the doors and bright white worktops. Together they set off the exposed birch plywood gables and spacers between each door.


Doors - Blue Fenix Faced Plywood

Worktop - White Marble

Handles - The Round Pull 


This earthy-toned design with soft and luxurious linoleum facing on the doors. Soft, rich, matte materials with a bright white top.We have oak backing plates on the recessed pull handles.


Doors - Dark Green Linolem on Birch Plywood

Worktop - White Acrylic

Handles - The Edge Pull with Birch Plywood backing plate


Dark coloured fronts and gables contrast with the oak worktops, oak backed recessed handles and exposed plywood gables.


Doors - Dark Grey Fenix Faced Plywood

Worktop - Solid Oak 

Handles - The Edge Pull