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Design your dream kitchen by combining our bespoke doors, drawers and worktops with standard IKEA cabinets.

The kitchen is the heart of the home. Make yours unique to you by selecting materials and finishes that reflect your style.


We can make your kitchen doors with any one of our finishes, or a combination of multiple finishes.


You can also experiment with different handle types, using a mixture of handle-less doors with some of our beautiful brass handles on select units.

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Artisan Cottage Low Resolution (6 of 23).jpg
Artisan Cottage Low Resolution (17 of 23).jpg


All of our drawers work seamlessly with the IKEA drawer systems, inserts and accessories.


We can also provide fronts for internal drawers for an extra layer of quality and customisation in your kitchen.


Use colour matched panels on the gables and exposed ends of units to tie the kitchen together as a single harmonious design.  All panels come with the same options on finishes as our doors and drawers.

You may also want to include spacer panels between your units to expose the edge of the plywood between drawers and doors.

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77 Conor CLune Rd Website (7 of 12).jpg


Customise your kitchen with our contemporary recessed handles for a minimal, seamless aesthetic.


Our manufacturing process using CNC machines means that we can fabricate doors with recessed handles for an ultra-modern look. We also offer a select range of brass handles that compliment any of our doors.


We offer a selection of worktops that are hardwearing, durable and sit perfectly with our fronts.

There are worktop options for every kitchen type and budget, from natural solid timber, to non-porous, stain and bacteria resistant Fenix and Formica, and composite stone.

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Browse through our gallery of finished projects and sample kitchens for inspiration

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