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How it works.
Design, Plan, Order, Install


Our range of custom doors, worktops and accessories integrate seamlessly with IKEA’s Metod range of kitchen cabinets. Our fronts are pre-drilled with exactly the same holes as IKEA fronts, so they are easy to install. They only work with IKEA drawers and hinges.

The Basics

1. Our system works with the IKEA method system only. So you will already need to have, or be in the process of planning an IKEA kitchen to use our products.

2. You will need to place two separate orders, one from Modoco and one from IKEA.

3. Your Modoco order will include the doors, drawer fronts, panels, worktops, handles and plinths.


4. Your IKEA order will be for everything else - that includes all hardware (hinges, screws and fixings) needed to attach our products to the kitchen units. 

5. Much like an IKEA kitchen, you will need to install our products yourself or have a fitter do it for you. Our products are installed in the same steps as the IKEA instructions, so there is no change in the process.

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Get started on your ideas and design. Visit our gallery to get some inspiration for your new kitchen, take a look at our materials page, and order some samples from us to get a feel for the finishes.

Get creative by mixing different finishes, or using different materials on your upper and lower units.


You will need to measure the space for the kitchen first. The next step on your journey is to plan the kitchen by either using the IKEA online kitchen planner, or by calling into IKEA and speaking with their kitchen planning team.


There you will lay out your kitchen, locate your appliances, select unit sizes, decide between drawers and doors etc. You can choose any front type as you plan the kitchen, as these will ultimately be replaced with MODOCO fronts

Measure your space

Measure your existing kitchen, or the space that your new kitchen will be installed. It is important to do this accurately at the start. Take note of where fixed items are located, such as water supply, power, waste pipes etc. Take some photographs in case you need to check back again.

Estimate the cost

Once you have your kitchen design in the IKEA kitchen planner online or as a PDF quote from IKEA, you can use our cost calculator to see how much your Modoco components will be. You can use the cost calculator to compare different finishes and materials too.

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Once you have the kitchen layout set, you can process your two orders. Place your order with Modoco, and then order everything else from IKEA. 


Don't forget to include for the hardware in your IKEA order too - such as hinges, drawer runners etc.


Once your order is placed with Modoco, our standard lead time is 6 - 8 weeks to manufacture and deliver. We will include our lead in times on our quote as this can vary at busy times.


You just need to follow the IKEA installation instructions when installing Modoco products - our doors and drawer fronts simply replace theirs.


Our fronts are very easy to install, and any fitter who is used to working with the IKEA system will be able to provide you with an assembly service for our fronts.

While an IKEA method kitchen is a self-assembly product, we do recommend that you enlist help from a kitchen fitter for your project.


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Browse through our gallery of finished projects and sample kitchens for inspiration

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