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Customised IKEA Kitchens

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Designed by Architects
Made by Craftspeople


Customise your IKEA kitchen with our range of doors, drawers, worktops and handles.


We design and fabricate custom doors, drawer fronts, cover panels, worktops and handles for IKEA kitchen cabinets.


Choose from our range of quality materials to create a bespoke contemporary kitchen at a fraction of the cost of a custom made equivalent.

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How it works

It is really easy to customise your IKEA kitchen with our products, because they fit perfectly to the IKEA system - you just replace their doors, panels and handles with our bespoke offering. :

1: Order your IKEA kitchen

2: Order your Modoco products

3: Assemble them together

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Why it works

IKEA make great kitchens at unbeatable prices. Their kitchen units are solid, with really good hinges and hardware, and they have endless accessories.

Modoco allows you to customise that system, so that it no longer looks like an IKEA kitchen, and is unique to you.

You get the best of both - the economy and reliability of IKEA, combined with the quality hand-finished bespoke finish of Modoco.

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Browse through our gallery of finished projects and sample kitchens for inspiration

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