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Carpenter at Work

Our Process. See how we fabricate and finish your kitchen.

Our Process

With over 25 years professional experience between our team, we understand how a good kitchen needs to be designed, function and look. Our design and craft processes work hand in hand - we are always testing new designs and fabricating mock-ups in our workshop. We believe that good design should be original, sharp, modern and fun.

Digital Fabrication

We start by cutting all elements of the kitchen on a CNC machine. This is like a giant saw that is computer guided, meaning that precision is guaranteed from the start.

All of the various components of a kitchen are drawn on a computer and the cut out by the machine.

Hand Working

We then take all of the cut pieces and use hand tools to finish the edges and handles.


We sand, bevel and round them so that the are pleasant in the hand - it is important that the parts of a kitchen that you touch feel nice in use.

Next it's off to the finishing area.


Depending on the face material of the doors, the finishing will differ. Generally it involves 3 rounds of sanding and oiling the surfaces. We use a variety of food safe oils, waxes and lacquers, giving the material a vibrancy in appearance and a durability in performance.




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